How to Choose A Partner: Book Review

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If you have been in love before a couple times or know what is like to want someone or had a few break ups or  your relationship is on the rock on a far away island shipwrecked, then you can take a few notes from this book.

I found the book could have been alot more condensed, I found some areas were repeated more times than it should. With that said the second half of this book seemed almost like pure gold.

With out giving away too much, one of the most important point in the book, noted how important it was that we be in tune with our partner’s emotional wellbeing. I know we can all too often hear of seemly happy people committing suicide and no one knowing what ever happened to drive them over the edge. The reality is that we must learn to monitor and be aware of our partner’s emotional wellbeing while looking after our own.


Remember we signed up to be in a partnership and that means- taking some of the ugly wrinkles and helping to smooth them out. Sometimes we cannot be the one to hold the iron and plug it it but we can hand the iron or point them in the right direction on where to find one to smooth out their life’s cracks.


With that said if you have never been in a relationship before, you may not be able to take any useful tips from this book.


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