As a Multimedia business man, I seek out modelling opportunities, create/take part in film projects, author articles and books, compere events, present on camera and many other creative expressions. Growing up I wanted to do every thing- act, sing, dance, be a scientist! realising I could have it all, I choose to be a Multimedia Entrepreneur in 2013, since then I have been refining the best way to tell stories.  I use all my senses to engage with the world and continue to live out my motto ”Share a story- Save a Life” through music, poetry, film and speech.

If you have a creative project (i.e. campaign, film project,. etc) you would like me to be apart of, please share it with me and we can always discuss further. (Contact me)


 Became the face of Trans Pride in Brighton in 2016. There I had the exciting task of entertaining the crowd from the main stage while co-hosting. The photo was taken a few months after my surgery to create my chest. #FreeTheNipple


 The UK Black Pride has become a must calendar event for those craving for a space to be free, Black and beyond binary. MsPhyll Opoku affectionally known to me as Lady Phyll is chief pioneer of the UK Black Pride operation. Armed with a sign of approval here we are together after I had the chance to interview her in the media tent.