1. What is a Multi-media Entrepreneur?
    • Its mean I blog articles, create videos, take pictures, run businesses on-line. In a nutshell it means I am not confined to any one discipline when it come to the art of media.
    • A Multi-media entrepreneur is the digital version of a serial ¬†entrepreneur.
  2. What was Jamaica like?
    • A beautiful, hot country with so much healthy foods, you take it for granted that the rest of the world might struggle to grows trees.
    • Like all countries, Jamaica has crimes and corruptions- however the land of food & water will possibly be always advertise as the exotic land to some and a homophobic war ridden place to others.
    • My thoughts are to take a trip with a local if you can (A local you trust) Otherwise stick to the tourist areas until you get to know the land better (But you will love this country)
  3. How did you get your name (MrBlackBranson)
    • I worked in a retail store as a supervisor. I had a manager whom I regularly spoke to about my business adventures and he called me ‘Black Branson’ I thought- ‘I Like it!’
    • Now where ever I go I introduce myself as “MrBlackBranson – the love child of Will Smith & Richard Branson”. Everyone loves it thus far. Hopefully that manager never asks me for royalties *smiles*
  4. Can we have a meeting?
    • One day I was asked to come to a meeting over a hot drink. This person would not tell me what it was about except that ‘my opinion would be valued with a particular issued they had.’ I trust this person would have something of value to say and would not waste my time- I was wrong!
    • Long story short. Turned out it was a meeting for a multi-marketing company looking for recruits. (I had my own business and was not interested but this was not respected)
    • Since then I do not go to a meeting upon request without a detailed email being sent first.
    • We are in business people, it is not personal, just respect my time. I will respect yours regardless of what you choose to do, but you only get one chance to mess up, so please just be transparent with your meeting requests and I will get back to you.
  5. Are you on Facebook?
  6. How do Crazy People live longer?
    • By following the mind. (The heart is a muscle that needs training, without the mind the body is dead!)