Do We Need Another UK Black Pride?

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The last time I went to UK Black Pride before it’s 2016 event was 2011. I remembered it being in a small park, you had to be searched to get in and you could not bring your own food (don’t quote me on that last part).

Black Pride has continued to exist for the non white members of the LGBT+ community and I wondered something too. Why segregate from the ‘main’ stream pride event?  I did not understand it fully.

Fortunately I was in a a position to ask just that as I was hosting the media area interviewing the performers plus the beautiful lady Phyll founder of the Black Pride.

The same theme came through from almost everyone I asked the question do we need a separate pride event for the non-white community?



UK Black Pride exist  to showcase the culture that exist within the non white community and guess what? anyone is welcomed.

I saw white people enjoying the event soaking up the rich culture of the day, kids running around, dogs wagging their tails. To see a sea of people just enjoying themselves of all ages was fantastic and would fill anyone with pride (see what I did there).

Being that I am Jamaican, we cannot deny that Caribbean culture while it preaches acceptance is influenced by the Christian governance practiced by its people – so I was surprised to see the man himself General Levy. I never knew him to be homophobic or anything but I saw this guy on BBC1Extra last month- a grim site (yes I know that is quite stereotypical of me to assume, but dem man preach girls and bun nuff tings or maybe that’s just some dance-hall music) . I had to find out what the General’s thoughts were on the subject.


I would encourage anyone to come down [to see for them self]” says the General. It seems we both learned something that day click here to read.

There is a misconception about people from LGBT+ community and that is we must know and support all things LGBT+.


The reality is that while some of us my face some form of discrimination the truth is we never actually choose to be born with the feelings we have inside about our sexuality and gender. So yes it is great to be educated on our culture, reminded of our rights to exists and see how human we all are.

And on that final note – Happy Pride month! Keep being your own you.

Note* All photos were taken by Courtney London