Day 5 – One day it will be ok – Attack Anxiety Journal

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After having a great conversation with someone whom also co-exist with anxiety, I laid in bed,  11 Am to be precise- thinking that I have no excuse not to get up and do a little workout.


Having a home gym is like a dream to me. I have the sandbag and  a few other pieces of equipment coming together. I made great use of a telephone wire as a skipping rope before purchasing a more ‘visual appealing’ version dubbed ‘A proper skipping rope’. 


I eventually got up, drank my 1 liter of water (took the whole day – but quick wins- remember!) did my workout to music, stayed still for a few moments then proceeded to make myself some breakfast ( Gourmet beans and white rice – sounds special right!?)


While my anxiety came and went, I know I will feel better eventually. I have to go one day at a time, little quick wins and surely this will be a distant memory. I really want to help others, and first, I must help myself. 


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