Day 49 | The Final Conclusion

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The final conclusion has been reached.

Anxiety is in my opinion is quite the onion, many layers to be peeled away. As we get deeper we reveal pictures which can make us cry.

The ultimate thing was discovering how fear, self image, self esteem and environment play a role in anxiety. Ultimately which one is your personal major trigger takes some self reflection. we can over come our anxiety, by managing our fears and self talk. We can reach out to those in the real world, people who are kind and will not tolerate your self hatred. A support system is so important while seeking to create a balance with anxiety.

I now have check points in place in my life to create small wins, people I pick up the phone and call and more importantly people who call me back. It is a mutual sharing zone of our thoughts. It was very nerving to put my self on such ‘show’ for others to know I am a creative entrepreneur seeking to be successful AKA afford food to eat.

Taking on your triggers for your anxiety is a must, you need not do alone, but it is for sure a must.


Thank you for reading and watching my Attack Anxiety journal. The writings seem rather ‘lazy’ however it felt more like a spilling of words from my mind. This was not to be a profound exercise in the way of writing.


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