Day 4 – That Quick win up on Anxiety – Attack Anxiety Journal

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Its Thursday, I have an order I need to pick up. I also I have my washer and dryer being delivered at 1pm – its now 11:30! What to do – “Lets run to the store” I suggest to myself. “It will make for a great workout” I declared.


Slapped on my joggers and off I went with one sporting glove (I have lost the other hand many moons ago). I send a quick video to a few friends (A support system that will cheer you on is very important when looking to take on your anxiety) after all we are in the selfie age.


I managed to start running and never stopped until I made it to the store, not even at the stop lights. A 30min jog became quick win over my anxiety.


I collect the sandbag, so heavy I ended up having catch the bus half way – and what do you know, just in time too, as the delivery men were steam rolling my appliances that would mean destroying my 8 bags of dirty clothes….8 regular supermarket bags of clothes to clarify ( I was told to clarify that point *Insert side eyes)


I set up everything and washed and ironed all my clothes – Yes I wanted to just sit and stopped as my anxiety pounded away in my tummy. But I managed to bypass my tummy and go to my brain and just autopilot mode the hell out of them laundry. ( wins are wins)


Documenting my anxiety experience thus far has been interesting, today I did not feel comfortable saying I was uploading a video on my anxiety. Which makes me question is everyday an anxiety day? What do you think?