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Do you feel culturally starved?

Want to travel within Europe, Africa or the rest of the world?

My name is Romario Wanliss, I have been in the UK for just over 10yrs.

Sometimes I wonder where do I go for a cultural recharge, where do I go for a cultural feast to feel a sense of belonging and more importantly do others ever feel the same.

Thirsty to learn not only black culture, I wonder can I explore white culture? is that a thing? What is Jamaican Culture? Who else is traveling? What are the 7 wonders of the world?

If you feel the same, I have a few ideas for a plan (as always) and I need your help with this one. Answer this survey (takes 5 mins) to help get me started on the right path to bring others with me on this new adventure.


The information collected from this survey will not be sold or passed on to 3rd party companies, it will be used by myself to ensure this travel idea is inclusive for people interested in Travel or Culture.


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