Americanah : Book Review

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Americanah is set in the land of the free ‘the Great’ American dream. And based on a made up character Ifemu a Nigerian woman who goes to America and see the streets may actually be coated in gold as a posed to being actual gold. She leaves behind a boyfriend in Nigeria who eventually also finds his way to England before being forced back to Nigeria, while femu discovers the ‘new’ Nigeria upon her return.


The last novel I read was.. ‘The Davinci Codeby Dan Brown. Since then I have been reading autobiographies after biographies. After this emotional reading, it is now safe to say I am on the novel train.


‘Americanah’ had me on the edge of the bed, I read it every chance I got over 2 days. I fell in love with love then out of love with love again. There were points I was so mad at Ifemu for her judgemental views (but who does not judge- right?) She had this ‘I know whats best’ attitude constantly. This book almost mirrored my experience of living in a ‘developed’ country and how we view our home land. Over all I did enjoy this novel and will most definitely be reading her other books.


I recommend this book, as you too might find your self wondering what it means to fight for love, and what you really want to hold on to. What does happiness look like?


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