Day 3 – Progress was made! – Attack Anxiety Journal

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No knots in the tummy! I would not go as far to say I feel great, however I know I can feel great eventually.

What was so different about today than the last couple weeks?

I woke up and had a little workout in my living room (albeit a very short one), I lit an incense and watched it burn down to the stick making art with the smoke. It was a very interesting discovery.

It may have been the mind set I went to sleep with – ‘Tomorrow is another day’ that could have been the reset button I needed. Making a slight difference on my prospective- this is what the gurus teach right? “prospective is everything…blah blah blah”

These journal entries feel like ramblings of the mind. ( which reminds me – I need to do some serious writing at some point)

Tomorrow, I am in the house all day and I am curious to know what the day will bring despite a very distressing phone call to end my day. But never mind because ‘Tomorrow is another day’