Romario Wanliss is most known for founding the company ‘PureGender‘ an on-line shop for members of the Transgender community. Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe Transsexual men/women, gender queer people and any other gender variate person whom wish to change from the physical sex they were born as.

Romario also recently shot to stardom after the airing of a News Beat documentary “Transgender: Back To Jamaica“. Since then he has been working behind the scenes of his company to create access to care for Trans individuals in Jamaica. Did we also mention that in 2016 Romario became ‘Prince’s Trust Ambassador’ an organization set up to help young people start their own business.

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Romario, also known as ‘MrBlackBranson‘ on social media is an avid YouTube Entrepreneur. He creates personal stories on-line, music and spoken word pieces. He continuously lives out his motto: “Share a Story – Save a life” – Meaning the more we share our stories the greater the chance that someone may see it and choose to live instead of taking their own life. A story Romario knows all too well after coming close to almost taking his own life in 2010.


When Romario is not creating videos or working on his companies – he is speaking at events about subjects close to his heart such as

  • Over coming adversities in Life
  • Mental health & Well being
  • Navigating the world as a black man
  • Transgender subjects
  • Entrepreneurship particular for start ups
  • Culture & Diversity
  • Motivational & Inspirational
  • Intimate Relationships including communication skills


To summarise:

Romario has been through a lot of adversity in life and he feels proud to know that despite being homeless twice, rejected from family in the past, bullied from a young age up until high school, growing up in Jamaica where he could not transition to male and growing through his learning difficulties – today he is proud be alive and doing what he enjoys- Speaking and being involved in media projects.


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