Jamaican born Romario Wanliss – a storytelling Creative Director and Speaker more affectionately known as MrBlackBranson (The love child of Will Smith and Richard Branson) has had one mission in life – #ShareAStorySaveALife. A storyteller at heart, MrBlackBranson mainly shares powerful heartfelt stories through public speaking, documentaries or creating music and poetry inspiring the ‘invalidated’ of society.

 Watch ‘Transgender: Back to Jamaica’ produced by NewsBeat’s Declan Harvey and Karlene Pinnock, then read about my experience by clicking here. 
2011 could have been the year Romario Wanliss took his own life to suicide, instead, he took life in his own hands.

“..after many years of pain, invalidation, anxiety and sucidal thoughts – I had no choice but to live. I realised others did not get as far as me. Surely there was something to be said about my strength, if I could share that story- I hope others would not feel pain for long – they would find a reason to live. Hence my motto Share A Story Save A Life.”

Today PureGender, an online platform mainly providing products for the members of the transgender* community whom may experience great dysphoria is one of his main entrepreneurial adventures.
*Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe Transsexual men/women, gender queer people and any other gender variate person whom wish to change from the physical sex they were born as.
Need an experienced keynote speaker to inspire your audience on subjects spanning across:
  • Over coming adversities in everyday life
  • How to maintain a great Mental health & Well being plan
  • Navigating the world as a black man
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Culture & Diversity
  • Motivational & Inspirational
  • Intimate Relationships
  • Living with Anxiety and depression
With Past clients to include Wolverhampton University your audience will leave in a reflective state.
Teaching people how to co-exist with anxiety and depression to become productive visionaries is a valued extension of Romario’s motto #ShareAStorySaveALife. Get in touch to become a client and start beating your anxiety today.

You can hire Romario as your guest DJ when he is not playing African House music with a touch of Jamaican spice live on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook dubbed #ManCrushMondays – the official place to party for introverts. (Starts May 21st every Monday 9pm for 7 nights)

To summarise:

Despite being homeless twice, rejected from family, bullied relentlessly for 13 yrs, dealing with suicidal thoughts anxiety and depression, Romario is proud to fight for everyone’s right to share a story and save a life.
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